A new baby is more than a new life - it is a profound expansion of your own.   You'll hear it said a thousand times how fast babies grow up.   As a mother of three, I can tell you this is so true!  As you begin your lives together, taking newborn portraits will ensure you will never forget how cuddly, roly-poly, wrinkly and tiny your newborn was those first few days of life.

My photography style is clean, clear and timeless, just like you want your memories to be.

1. Schedule well before your due date.  You don't want to spend the last few weeks of your pregnancy worrying about who you'll hire for your baby's photos while you're trying to get everything else ready for baby to arrive.  If you are considering newborn photos, don't put it off.  Start looking around for photographers now.

2. Don't wait too long.  Most newborn poses you've likely seen require a very sleepy and flexible baby.  Because newborns sleep so much and are still so flexible those first several days of life, most newborn photographers only do newborn sessions up to two weeks of age.  After two weeks, we can't guarantee sleepy poses or that your newborn will be comfortable in those squishy balls of goodness we like to see in our poses.

 3. Incorporate meaningful props and fabrics.  I've found that clients love their photos THAT much more when something meaningful from their lives is incorporated into the images in some way.  Whether it's wedding bands, something from a deceased grandparent, a favorite baby blanket from your youth or a special toy or prop you'd like to see, I encourage our clients to personalize their session as much as they want!

4. Insist on safety.  Hand-in-hand with finding a photographer you trust, make sure you understand the risks involved with newborn photography and insist on a photographer who considers safety their number one concern.  I utilize composite images when needed so as not to strain baby or put her in situations where she could be hurt. 

Newborn Package Options

Mini Newborn
Online gallery of all edited image
​Digital download
15 final edited images
Session Duration: approximately 1 hour
Print Release

Basic Studio Newborn
Online gallery of all edited images
​Digital download
30 final edited images
Session Duration: approximately 2 hours
Print Release

Deluxe Studio or Lifestyle Newborn 
Studio or in-home session
Online gallery of all edited images
​Digital download
70 final edited images
Session Duration: approximately 2-4 hours
Print Release

Grow With Me 

Newborn, 6 Months, and One Year Old Portraits
30 final images from each session
Session Duration: approximately 30-90 minutes each
​Digital download 
Print Release of all delivered images

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